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Department of Digital Media Design and Graduate School of Media and Games Design
Welcome to DMD

Educational goals

In response to the twenty-first century digital media design education trend and the will of the Government to promote digital industry, the department provides a high-quality learning environment with excellent teachers, advanced equipments and an improved curriculum planning. The three keys in design innovation and digital technology are "Industrial Animation Design "," Interactive Media Design "and" Audio-visual Production and Special Effects". We welcome students from high schools with Computer Hardware and Programming backgrounds, Marketing, Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Art and Design.

The advantages of this department

In 2009, the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs predicted a need of 1200-1800 people each year in the digital industry for the three years to come. According to the Digital Education Research Institute, the digital industry will particularly need programmers, animators and designers specialized in digital teaching and industrial digital design. Graduates will master the ability to innovate and meet the needs of industry and business owners.

Graduates and Development - Employment

The graduates can work in interactive design, advertising design, animation and web design, or have a career in information technologies and related industries as image information designers, product designers and e-commerce designers. They can work for schools, cram schools, religious groups, zoos or museums, cultural and educational institutions in digital archives, digital media, learning design and web design teaching job. Alternatively, they can participate in the government's exams.

Graduates and Development - studies

An "Applied Digital Design Institute" will soon be created. Domestic and foreign graduates will be able to enter this institute. Graduates from the department will have better chances to succeed. Domestic and foreign institutes include: Digital Media Design Research, Visual Communication Design Institute, Institute of Applied Arts and Design, Industrial Design Institute, Institute of Applied Media Arts, Institute of audio-visual animation, digital learning Research Institute.