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Department of Digital Media Design and Graduate School of Media and Games Design
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The curriculum includes Interactive Media Design, Animation Design, Audio-visual production and special effects. The main courses include web design, e-commerce, e-learning, animation, interactive game design and game programming, Art design, virtual reality design, digital archives and digital museum. Before graduation, the students have to acquire a foreign language certificate, a computer certification and a professional certification (MOS). Undergraduate courses consist in practical projects with domestic industry. Students must complete six university-industry cooperations and have to participate in nine design competitions. In principle, students have to win at least once before they can graduate. In addition, students have to carry out 320 hours of school design-related industry practice.

Course Features

-The core curriculum is based upon the real job market situation thanks to a close university-industry cooperation. Practice, theory, learning effectiveness offer to students the best opportunities to find the best places on the employment market.

-To meet the needs of Taiwan's industry, the curriculum aims to strengthen the innovation abilities of the students in media design and animation fields.

 -The curriculum is composed of two professional design teaching modules: interactive media design and video animation module. This approach closely matches industry needs. Students fit perfectly to those needs and when the students enter a company, adjustment period and training are considerably reduced.